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City Of Jasmine

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Scent Of Paradise

50 ML – Extrait de Parfum Summer, Cool Family: Citrus Fruity Season: SummerSpring ALGHABRA PARFUMS’ most proudly made fragrance because it was inspired by the spirit of Damascus in the spring season which was the most beloved season for us, and who doesn’t like Spring, seriously?! Very sophisticated yet ambiguous scent due to the incredible compositions of Bergamot and fruity notes at the top. Then in the middle notes, the charming Iris and Lavender touches are well-blended. The irresistible Musk, Amber and Sandal Wood will leave you with peace at the base. This unisex fragrance sparks the charm of being a free-spirited person. It reflects the tenderness and sensuality of Spring’s breezes in Damascus.   Top Notes: Fruity Notes, Bergamot Heart Notes: Iris & Rose Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Sandalwood.

From The Heart

50 ML - Extrait de Parfum

Sensual, Fresh
Family: Floral Fruity Season: SpringSummer What you will experience in this fragrance is almost unreal! From the Heart is ALGHABRA PARFUMS’ first scent in Collection No.1. It was inspired by the various types of flowers and fruits such as Bitter Orange which were usually planted in the Courtyard of the Arabic Houses in Old Damascus. A scent starts with a captivating mixture of smooth aromas of fruits and flowers. Mostly at the topyou can notice the pure relaxing scent of peach, bergamot & Ylang Ylang. In the middle the floral notes of Damask Rose and lily will kick in. At the base, you’ll end up enjoying the ambery touches.                      Top Notes: Bergamot & Peach, Bitter Orange Heart Notes: Damask Rose, Lily Base Notes: Amber, Musc    

King Of Flowers

50 ML - Extrait de Parfum Seductive, Smoky Family: Floral Fruity Season: SpringSummer The masterpiece of ALGHABRA PARFUMS. This marvelous compound will make you feel as if you’re surrounded by green trees and soft breezes which carry the sweet vanilla & Musc at the top. Taking you with a short journey of incredible Ambery & Leathery mixture with warm fresh notes of White flowers at the middle and base. This unique fragrance was essentially inspired by the Arabic Houses located in old Damascus and the atmosphere you can have while wandering between the narrow streets of the city and the best part is the smell coming out of the bakeries.   Top Notes: Grapefruit & Bergamot Heart Notes: Lavender, Iris, Vanilla Base Notes: Amber and Sandalwood  

Poem Of Damas

50 ML – Extrait de Parfum Oriental, Spicy Family: Oriental Spicy Season: WinterAutum Poem of Damas was a homage for the authentic, oriental and contemporary culture that Damascus reserved for years. The finest ingredients were used in this perfume. Beautifully mixed with Agarwood and Oriental Scents at top. Goes through a serial phases of fruity & floral aromas at the middle. You will be surprised of how well the oriental notes used at base which will be smelled with a touch of Oud together at the end!   Top Notes: Agarwood & Amber Heart Notes: Fruity, floral notes Base Notes: Oriental Notes
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