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Discovery Set

Discovery Set 12 X 1.2ML A selection of 12 perfumes for you to discover iconic compositions from both collections. Take pleasure in discovering your perfume signature, the scent that expresses your singularity. The fragrances are inspired by historical cities such as Istanbul.

Eye Of Seven Hills

50 ML – Extrait de Parfum Family: Boozy Oriental Season: Winter Autumn   All roads lead to Galata from the Seven Hills...
The journey across centuries begins with saffron and cinnamon. As you walk, you imbibe the magic of verses carved on ancient walls. A pinch of sesame, a twist of rolling tobacco, a sprinkling of Tonka seeds calls to the heart like the rich cacophony of cultures marking Galata’s past. Narrow stairs lead you spiraling above the rooftops of Istanbul as the stone walls emit the scent of the seven carnations in her soul and the wild figs that have grown from her soil for centuries. Here Istanbul lies beneath your feet, with the Maiden’s Tower, the city’s love, twinkling below.
Remember!If you haven’t seen Istanbul from Galata Tower, then you haven’t seen her at all...
Imbibe Istanbul from Galata Tower, experience a miracle ...   Top Notes: Saffron, Nutmeg, Cinnamon Heart Notes: Whisky, Benzoin, Vanilla, Tonka Beans, Orris, Patchouli, Tobacco Base Notes: Amber, SandalWood, Cedarwood, OUD, Woody Musc

Ancient Fortress

50 ML – Extrait de Parfum Family: Woody Leathery Green Season: Autumn, Spring The seven heavens echo your glory, The earth itself is moved by this story. Giants once walked down this road, Great ships they towed. Now green foliage hides your aging walls and juniper trees embrace your ramparts. Your three towers house ancient mysteries, secrets hiding in every stone. What an impenetrable door it is, Which started and age closed the previous? Leather bound books are not enough To tell of great battles that were so rough. A distant memory passes along the shore As serene amber and calming musk envelop your soul. This castle defies time with its old stones. It stands strong but with tears in its eyes.   Top Notes: Nutmeg, Clove, Juniper Berry Heart Notes: Leather, White Tobacco, Aquatic Sea Moss Notes Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Woody Musk

Labyrinth of Spices

50 ML – Extrait de Parfum Family: Woody Musky Fresh Spicy Season: Autumn Winter Few world landmarks represent quite the smorgasboard of olfactory delights as the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. With over 4,000 shops across more than 60 covered streets, it's a veritable cornucopia of fragrant treasures, from spice and tea markets to exotic fruits to exquisite leather and woodwork. Labyrinth Of Spices, as you might expect, is a sweeping journey through this iconic and bustling marketplace and its many aromas- a treasure chest of sweets, spices, woods, and more- but for anyone who appreciates the sophistication of a gentler touch, we're pleased to report that the experience is as smooth and luxurious as a palanquin ride. Cardamom-infused coffee, sweet clove, and fiery nutmeg anchor the rich bouquet of spices, while green galbanum and sharp lavender inject a bright, fresh balance. Ultimately, a wave of smooth, gently musky woods bring everything together in a soothing, surprisingly cohesive scent that feels like a representation of the Grand Bazaar as a whole. In other words, explore this Labyrinth to your heart's content- we promise you'll find your way to the other side.   Top Notes: Turkish Coffee, Pineapple, Galbanum, Tobacco Heart Notes: Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Anise, Lavender, Tonka Beans, Cardamom Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Woody Musk

Istanbul’s Soul

50 ML – Extrait de Parfum Family: Spicy Oriental Season: Winter Autumn   Boats glide between two continents as seagulls flap their wings in celebration… From Kadıköy to Karaköy, from one continent to the other.Songs accompany a warm glass of tea, a simit shared with the birds. The voyage between continents begins with geranium and rose wafting from far-off Isparta. The sound of waves, the cry of gulls are the sounds of Istanbul. Passengers pause to listen as they look out upon wooden mansions that line the waterfront, medieval fortresses and spreading Sycamores… like jasmine notes at the heart of a perfume. Sailing on the Bosphorus, the sun warms you as if you were a child again. Balsam, sandalwood and the scent of Guaiacum trees hide at the base notes, like treasure troves lost at the bottom of the sea.
Do you hear?
Istanbul sings a song for you…   Top Notes: Spicy Notes, Pepper, Geranium, Incense Heart Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Cypriol Base Notes: Amber, Tonka Beans, Benzoin, Guaiac, sandalwood

King Of Flowers

50 ML - Extrait de Parfum Seductive, Smoky Family: Floral Fruity Season: SpringSummer The masterpiece of ALGHABRA PARFUMS. This marvelous compound will make you feel as if you’re surrounded by green trees and soft breezes which carry the sweet vanilla & Musc at the top. Taking you with a short journey of incredible Ambery & Leathery mixture with warm fresh notes of White flowers at the middle and base. This unique fragrance was essentially inspired by the Arabic Houses located in old Damascus and the atmosphere you can have while wandering between the narrow streets of the city and the best part is the smell coming out of the bakeries.   Top Notes: Grapefruit & Bergamot Heart Notes: Lavender, Iris, Vanilla Base Notes: Amber and Sandalwood  

Scent Of Paradise

50 ML – Extrait de Parfum Summer, Cool Family: Citrus Fruity Season: SummerSpring ALGHABRA PARFUMS’ most proudly made fragrance because it was inspired by the spirit of Damascus in the spring season which was the most beloved season for us, and who doesn’t like Spring, seriously?! Very sophisticated yet ambiguous scent due to the incredible compositions of Bergamot and fruity notes at the top. Then in the middle notes, the charming Iris and Lavender touches are well-blended. The irresistible Musk, Amber and Sandal Wood will leave you with peace at the base. This unisex fragrance sparks the charm of being a free-spirited person. It reflects the tenderness and sensuality of Spring’s breezes in Damascus.   Top Notes: Fruity Notes, Bergamot Heart Notes: Iris & Rose Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Sandalwood.

Bosphorus Pearl

50 ML – Extrait de Parfum Family: Floral Rose Season: Spring Istanbul’s loyal daughter, Istanbul is pleased with you… Delicate and elegant like a pearl, gracing the Bosphorus’ neck… Oh my ineffable love, oh my forbidden lover! A tulle dress on bare skin, she flips her hair from Asia to Europe and back again. The scent of her hair in the wind blows gently towards Galata, to her impossible love. Like the first touch of love, violets. Hand in hand, lovers watch her from the shore, at dusk, at midday, or before the dawn. An autumn rain washes her face, her heart is saddened by a thousand-year-old curse. Clear is her pose, like the scent of a Damascus rose. Ships hail her as the waves caress her feet, seagulls cry for her lonely heartbeat, trapped in walls of musk and amber, so strong and deep. Touch her hair gently and you touch Istanbul. Oh the dainty daughter of Bosphorus, you are such a sight, like the shining star of Istanbul in moonlight…   Top Notes: Muguet, Violet, Rose Heart Notes: Cedarwood, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine Tea Base Notes: Ambery, White Musc, Drywood, Floral Musk

Crown of Marmara

50 ML – Extrait de Parfum Family: Balsamic Citrusy Leathery Season: Winter Autumn A warm breeze caresses your skin as the Crown of Marmara appears across the sea. Bergamot whispers the promise of a fresh start and orange blossom evokes the excitement of your first time on the Islands. You hear the approaching sound of horse-drawn carriages, their dancing rhythms. Hidden along cobblestone streets, elegant mansions and wooden houses beckon, the muses of poets and writers. Each one calls to you like a work of art, touching your soul like the velvety touch of patchouli. The wind carries the scent of the Calabrian pines from the hills. A heavenly coupling of sandalwood and dark amber greets you like the longings of a poet. The Crown of Marmara from ALGHABRA Parfums invites you on this artistic journey.   Top Notes: Leather, Neroli, Styrax, Bergamot, Peru Balsam Heart Notes: Caramel, Benzoin, Patchouli, Resins Base Notes: SandalWood, Ambergris

Poem Of Damas

50 ML – Extrait de Parfum Oriental, Spicy Family: Oriental Spicy Season: WinterAutum Poem of Damas was a homage for the authentic, oriental and contemporary culture that Damascus reserved for years. The finest ingredients were used in this perfume. Beautifully mixed with Agarwood and Oriental Scents at top. Goes through a serial phases of fruity & floral aromas at the middle. You will be surprised of how well the oriental notes used at base which will be smelled with a touch of Oud together at the end!   Top Notes: Agarwood & Amber Heart Notes: Fruity, floral notes Base Notes: Oriental Notes
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